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[movies]Bandi Mbubi: Demand a fair trade cell phone - TED.com
Your mobile phone, computer and game console have a bloody past — tied to tantalum mining, which funds the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Drawing on his personal story, activist and refugee Bandi Mbubi gives a stirring call to action. (Filmed at TEDxExete
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Africa; technology; war; TEDxExeter; 2012
Downloads: 391
[movies]Peter van Uhm: Why I chose a gun - TED.com
Peter van Uhm is the Netherlands’ chief of defense, but that does not mean he is pro-war. At TEDxAmsterdam he explains how his career is one shaped by a love of peace, not a desire for bloodshed -- and why we need armies if we want peace.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxAmsterdam; TED; Talks; global issues; military; peace; war; 2011
Downloads: 374
[movies]Wes Moore: How to talk to veterans about the war - TED.com
Wes Moore joined the US Army to pay for college, but the experience became core to who he is. In this heartfelt talk, the paratrooper and captain—who went on to write "The Other Wes Moore"—explains the shock of returning home from Afghanistan. He shares the single phrase he heard from civilians on repeat, and shows why it's just not sufficient. It's a call for all of us to ask veterans to tell their stories — and listen.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; peace; war; TEDSalon NY2014; 2014
Downloads: 29
[movies]William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes" - TED.com
William Ury, author of "Getting to Yes," offers an elegant, simple (but not easy) way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations -- from family conflict to, perhaps, the Middle East.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxMidwest; TED; Talks; culture; global issues; politics; war; 2010
Downloads: 126
[movies]Malcolm Gladwell: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight - TED.com
Master storyteller Malcolm Gladwell tells the tale of the Norden bombsight, a groundbreaking piece of World War II technology with a deeply unexpected result.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; invention; war; 2011
Downloads: 427
[movies]Janine di Giovanni: What I saw in the war - TED.com
Reporter Janine di Giovanni has been to the worst places on Earth to bring back stories from Bosnia, Sierra Leone and most recently Syria. She tells stories of human moments within large conflicts -- and explores that shocking transition when a familiar city street becomes a bombed-out battleground.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; global issues; journalism; war; TEDxWomen 2012; 2012
Downloads: 164
[movies]Sebastian Junger: Why veterans miss war - TED.com
Civilians don’t miss war. But soldiers often do. Journalist Sebastian Junger shares his experience embedded with American soldiers at Restrepo, an outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley that saw heavy combat. Giving a look at the "altered state of mind" that comes with war, he shows how combat gives soldiers an intense experience of connection. In the end, could it actually be "the opposite of war" that soldiers miss? 
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; war; TEDSalon NY2014; 2014
Downloads: 97
[movies]Bart Weetjens: How I taught rats to sniff out land mines - TED.com
At TEDxRotterdam, Bart Weetjens talks about his extraordinary project: training rats to sniff out land mines. He shows clips of his "hero rats" in action, and previews his work's next phase: teaching them to turn up tuberculosis in the lab.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxRotterdam 2010; TED; Talks; Africa; animals; technology; war; 2010
Downloads: 110
[movies]Chris Domas: The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare - TED.com
Chris Domas is a cybersecurity researcher, operating on what’s become a new front of war, "cyber." In this engaging talk, he shows how researchers use pattern recognition and reverse engineering (and pull a few all-nighters) to understand a chunk of binary code whose purpose and contents they don't know.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; security; software; technology; war; TEDxColumbus; 2013
Downloads: 48
[movies]Ziyah Gafić: Everyday objects, tragic histories - TED.com
Ziyah Gafić photographs everyday objects—watches, shoes, glasses. But these images are deceptively simple; the items in them were exhumed from the mass graves of the Bosnian War. Gafić, a TED Fellow and Sarajevo native, has photographed every item from these graves in order to create a living archive of the identities of those lost. 
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; TED Fellows; photography; war; TED2014; 2014
[movies]Corneille Ewango is a hero of the Congo forest - TED.com
Botanist Corneille Ewango talks about his work at the Okapi Faunal Reserve in the Congo Basin -- and his heroic work protecting it from poachers, miners and raging civil wars.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2007; TED; Talks; Africa; activism; animals; biodiversity; biosphere; war; 2007
Downloads: 106
[movies]Mark Roth: Suspended animation is within our grasp - TED.com
Mark Roth studies suspended animation: the art of shutting down life processes and then starting them up again. It's wild stuff, but it's not science fiction. Induced by careful use of an otherwise toxic gas, suspended animation can potentially help trauma and heart attack victims survive long enough to be treated.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; fish; health care; science; war; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 52
[movies]Eve Ensler on security - TED.com
Playwright Eve Ensler explores our modern craving for security -- and why it makes us less secure. Listen for inspiring, heartbreaking stories of women making change.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2005; TED; Talks; activism; culture; global issues; spoken word; technology; violence; war; women; 2005
Downloads: 52
[movies]Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war - TED.com
By analyzing raw data on violent incidents in the Iraq war and others, Sean Gourley and his team claim to have found a surprisingly strong mathematical relationship linking the fatality and frequency of attacks.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; TED Fellows; math; physics; war; 2009
Downloads: 105
[movies]Bruce Bueno de Mesquita predicts Iran's future - TED.com
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita uses mathematical analysis to predict (very often correctly) such messy human events as war, political power shifts, Intifada ... After a crisp explanation of how he does it, he offers three predictions on the future of Iran.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; global issues; math; politics; prediction; technology; war; TED2009; 2009
Downloads: 93
[movies]Stanley McChrystal: Listen, learn ... then lead - TED.com
Four-star general Stanley McChrystal shares what he learned about leadership over his decades in the military. How can you build a sense of shared purpose among people of many ages and skill sets? By listening and learning -- and addressing the possibility of failure.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; culture; global issues; iraq; leadership; peace; war; 2011
Downloads: 434
[movies]Zainab Salbi: Women, wartime and the dream of peace - TED.com
In war we often see only the frontline stories of soldiers and combat. AT TEDGlobal 2010, Zainab Salbi tells powerful "backline" stories of women who keep everyday life going during conflicts, and calls for women to have a place at the negotiating table once fighting is over.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; global issues; iraq; politics; war; women; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 147
[movies]Patrick Chappatte: The power of cartoons - TED.com
In a series of witty punchlines, Patrick Chappatte makes a poignant case for the power of the humble cartoon. His projects in Lebanon, West Africa and Gaza show how, in the right hands, the pencil can illuminate serious issues and bring the most unlikely people togeth
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; art; media; news; politics; third world; war; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 109
[movies]Sarah Kaminsky: My father the forger - TED.com
Sarah Kaminsky tells the extraordinary story of her father Adolfo and his activity during World War II -- using his ingenuity and talent for forgery to save lives.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxParis 2010; TED; Talks; book; culture; entertainment; global issues; heroism; history; storytelling; war; 2010
Downloads: 106
[movies]Stephen Coleman: The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons - TED.com
Pepper spray and tasers are in increasing use by both police and military, and more exotic non-lethal weapons such as heat rays are in the works. At TEDxCanberra, ethicist Stephen Coleman explores the unexpected consequences of their introduction and asks some challenging questions.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxCanberra; TED; Talks; corruption; culture; global issues; military; morality; technology; war; 2011
Downloads: 244
[movies]Guy-Philippe Goldstein: How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace - TED.com
More and more, nations are waging attacks with cyber weapons -- silent strikes on another country's computer systems that leave behind no trace. (Think of the Stuxnet worm.) At TEDxParis, Guy-Philippe Goldstein shows how cyberattacks can leap between the digital and physical worlds to prompt armed conflict -- and how we might avert this global security hazard.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxParis 2010; TED; Talks; computers; global issues; politics; security; technology; war; 2010
Downloads: 244
[movies]John Hunter on the World Peace Game - TED.com
John Hunter puts all the problems of the world on a 4'x5' plywood board -- and lets his 4th-graders solve them. At TED2011, he explains how his World Peace Game engages schoolkids, and why the complex lessons it teaches -- spontaneous, and always surprising -- go further than classroom lectures can.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; design; education; games; global issues; government; peace; politics; war; 2011
Downloads: 89
[movies]Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence - TED.com
How do you deal with a bully without becoming a thug? In this wise and soulful talk, peace activist Scilla Elworthy maps out the skills we need -- as nations and individuals -- to fight extreme force without using force in return. To answer the question of why and how non-violence works, she evokes historical heroes -- Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela -- and the personal philosophies that powered their peaceful protests...
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; TEDxFeatured; activism; global issues; peace; tedx; violence; war; TEDxExeter; 2012
Downloads: 264
[movies]Joseph Nye on global power shifts - TED.com
Historian and diplomat Joseph Nye gives us the 30,000-foot view of the shifts in power between China and the US, and the global implications as economic, political and "soft" power shifts and moves around the globe.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; china; culture; economics; global issues; government; peace; politics; war; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 127
[movies]Rory Stewart: Time to end the war in Afghanistan - TED.com
British MP Rory Stewart walked across Afghanistan after 9/11, talking with citizens and warlords alike. Now, a decade later, he asks: Why are Western and coalition forces still fighting there? He shares lessons from past military interventions that worked -- Bosnia, for instance -- and shows that humility and local expertise are the keys to success.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; Foreign Policy; global issues; military; peace; politics; war; 2011
Downloads: 324
[movies]Deborah Scranton on her "War Tapes" - TED.com
Filmmaker Deborah Scranton talks about and shows clips from her documentary The War Tapes, which puts cameras in the hands of soldiers fighting in Iraq.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; entertainment; film; global issues; storytelling; technology; war; 2007
Downloads: 85
[movies]May El-Khalil: Making peace is a marathon - TED.com
In Lebanon there is one gunshot a year that isn’t part of a scene of routine violence: The opening sound of the Beirut International Marathon. In a moving talk, marathon founder May El-Khalil explains why she believed a 26.2-mile running event could bring together a country divided for decades by politics and religion, even if for one day a year.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; global issues; sports; violence; war; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 124
[movies]Sophal Ear: Escaping the Khmer Rouge - TED.com
TED Fellow Sophal Ear shares the compelling story of his family's escape from Cambodia under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. He recounts his mother's cunning and determination to save her children.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; Asia; adventure; development; south asia; storytelling; third world; war; 2009
Downloads: 346
[movies]Jason McCue: Terrorism is a failed brand - TED.com
In this gripping talk, lawyer Jason McCue urges for a new way to attack terrorism, to weaken its credibility with those who are buying the product -- the recruits. He shares stories of real cases where he and other activists used this approach to engage and create change.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; crime; global issues; law; marketing; violence; war; TEDGlobal 2012; 2012
Downloads: 141
[movies]Suheir Hammad: Poems of war, peace, women, power - TED.com
Poet Suheir Hammad performs two spine-tingling spoken-word pieces: "What I Will" and "break (clustered)" -- meditations on war and peace, on women and power. Wait for the astonishing line: "Do not fear what has blown up. If you must, fear the unexploded."
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDWomen; TED; Talks; arts; culture; global issues; poetry; war; women; 2010
Downloads: 116
[movies]David Hoffman shares his Sputnik mania - TED.com
Filmmaker David Hoffman shares footage from his feature-length documentary Sputnik Mania, which shows how the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik in 1957 led to both the space race and the arms race -- and jump-started science and math education around the w
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; education; history; math; politics; science; short talk; space; technology; war; 2007
Downloads: 414
[movies]Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and Goliath - TED.com
It's a classic underdog tale: David, a young shepherd armed only with a sling, beats Goliath, the mighty warrior. The story has transcended its biblical origins to become a common shorthand for unlikely victory. But, asks Malcolm Gladwell, is that really what the David and Goliath story is about?
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; entertainment; history; storytelling; war; TEDSalon NY2013; 2013
Downloads: 538
[movies]Daniel Suarez: The kill decision shouldn't belong to a robot - TED.com
As a novelist, Daniel Suarez spins dystopian tales of the future. But on the TEDGlobal stage, he talks us through a real-life scenario we all need to know more about: the rise of autonomous robotic weapons of war. Advanced drones, automated weapons and AI-powered intelligence-gathering tools, he suggests, could take the decision to make war out of the hands of humans.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; entertainment; robots; technology; war; writing; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 177
[movies]Jeremy Gilley: One day of peace - TED.com
Here's a crazy idea: Persuade the world to try living in peace for just one day, every September 21. In this energetic, honest talk, Jeremy Gilley tells the story of how this crazy idea became real -- real enough to help millions of kids in war-torn regions.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; activism; collaboration; global issues; peace; war; 2011
Downloads: 95
[movies]Irwin Redlener on surviving a nuclear attack - TED.com
The face of nuclear terror has changed since the Cold War, but disaster-medicine expert Irwin Redlener reminds us the threat is still real. He looks at some of history's farcical countermeasures and offers practical advice on how to survive an attack.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2008; TED; Talks; global issues; history; medicine; technology; war; 2008
Downloads: 426 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Ryan Lobo: Photographing the hidden story - TED.com
Ryan Lobo has traveled the world, taking photographs that tell stories of unusual human lives. In this haunting talk, he reframes controversial subjects with empathy, so that we see the pain of a Liberian war criminal, the quiet strength of UN women peacekeepers and the perseverance of Delhi's underappreciated firefighters.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Asia; art; humanity; photography; storytelling; third world; war; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 93
[movies]Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am! - TED.com
After he ended up on a watch list by accident, Hasan Elahi was advised by his local FBI agents to let them know when he was traveling. He did that and more ... much more.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; art; arts; data; security; war; web; 2011
Downloads: 132
[movies]Jonathan Klein: Photos that changed the world - TED.com
Photographs do more than document history -- they make it. At TED University, Jonathan Klein of Getty Images shows some of the most iconic, and talks about what happens when a generation sees an image so powerful it can't look away -- or back.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; global issues; media; photography; poverty; war; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 95
[movies]Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: Inside a school for suicide bombers - TED.com
Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy takes on a terrifying question: How does the Taliban convince children to become suicide bombers? Propaganda footage from a training camp is intercut with her interviews of young camp graduates. A shocking vision.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2010; TED; Talks; arts; children; culture; film; politics; war; 2010
Downloads: 267
[movies]George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me - TED.com
When he was a child, George Takei and his family were forced into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, as a “security" measure during World War II. 70 years later, Takei looks back at how the camp shaped his surprising, personal definition of patriotism and democracy.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; arts; children; democracy; history; politics; storytelling; war; TEDxKyoto; 2014
Downloads: 40
[movies]PW Singer on military robots and the future of war - TED.com
In this powerful talk, P.W. Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction -- that now may not be so fictitious.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; design; future; global issues; politics; robots; technology; violence; war; TED2009; 2009
Downloads: 143
[movies]Noah Feldman says politics and religion are technologies - TED.com
Noah Feldman makes a searing case that both politics and religion -- whatever their differences -- are similar technologies, designed to efficiently connect and manage any group of people.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2003; TED; Talks; culture; global issues; politics; religion; social change; society; war; 2003
Downloads: 59
[movies]Karima Bennoune: The side of terrorism that doesn't make headlines - TED.com
Karima Bennoune shares four powerful stories of real people fighting against fundamentalism in their own communities — refusing to allow the faith they love to become a tool for crime, attacks and murder. These personal stories humanize one of the most overlooked human-rights struggles in the world.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; history; politics; religion; storytelling; terrorism; war; TEDxExeter; 2014
Downloads: 34
[movies]Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence - TED.com
In 2003, the Palestinian village of Budrus mounted a 10-month-long nonviolent protest to stop a barrier being built across their olive groves. Did you hear about it? Didn't think so. Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha asks why we only pay attention to violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict -- and not to the nonviolent leaders who may one day bring peace.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; arts; communication; compassion; entertainment; film; peace; violence; war; 2011
Downloads: 300
[movies]Karen Tse: How to stop torture - TED.com
Political prisoners aren't the only ones being tortured -- the vast majority of judicial torture happens in ordinary cases, even in 'functioning' legal systems. Social activist Karen Tse shows how we can, and should, stand up and end the use of routine torture.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; global issues; law; politics; prison; war; TEDGlobal 2011; 2011
Downloads: 264
[movies]Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy - TED.com
By leading the Americans in his audience at TEDxPSU step by step through the thought process, sociologist Sam Richards sets an extraordinary challenge: can they understand -- not approve of, but understand -- the motivations of an Iraqi insurgent? And by extension, can anyone truly understand and empathize with another?
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxPSU; TED; Talks; culture; empathy; global issues; iraq; politics; society; war; 2010
Downloads: 130
[movies]Ralph Langner: Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon - TED.com
When first discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm posed a baffling puzzle. Beyond its unusually high level of sophistication loomed a more troubling mystery: its purpose. Ralph Langner and team helped crack the code that revealed this digital warhead's final target -- and its covert origins. In a fascinating look inside cyber-forensics, he explains how.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; Iran; computers; government; nuclear energy; politics; science; technology; war; 2011
Downloads: 412
[movies]Bobby Ghosh: Why global jihad is losing - TED.com
Throughout the history of Islam, says journalist Bobby Ghosh, there have been two sides to jihad: one, internal, a personal struggle to be better, the other external. A small minority (most recently Osama bin Laden) has appropriated the second, using it as an excuse for deadly global violence against "the West." Ghosh suggests that, now that bin Laden's worldwide organization has fragmented, it's time to reclaim the word...
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; faith; global issues; politics; religion; war; TEDxGeorgetown; 2012
Downloads: 474
[movies]Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men - TED.com
Alberto Cairo's clinics in Afghanistan used to close down during active fighting. Now, they stay open. At TEDxRC2 (the RC stands for Red Cross/Red Crescent), Cairo tells the powerful story of why -- and how he found humanity and dignity in the midst of war.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxRC2; TED; Talks; disability; global issues; poverty; prosthetics; storytelling; war; work; 2011
Downloads: 56
[movies]Newton Aduaka tells the story of Ezra - TED.com
Filmmaker Newton Aduaka shows clips from his powerful, lyrical feature film "Ezra," about a child soldier in Sierra Leone.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2007; TED; Talks; Africa; arts; creativity; culture; entertainment; film; global issues; war; 2007
Downloads: 100
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